9 Kids's Flashlight Games for Fun After Dark

A picture of kids with flashlights on their heads

Photo © Donald Iain Smith /Getty Images

手电筒游戏很棒 nighttime activities that kids love. 拿起你的手电筒, 预备, and go try these nine fun flashlight 游戏s kids can play inside or out.


Catch giant fireflies with the flashlight firefly 游戏. 这些巨大的萤火虫是孩子. 规则很简单. One or more children designated as fireflies each get their flashlight. They flash the light on the flashlight once about every 30 seconds while the other children who aren't fireflies try to capture them.


Flashlight tag is one of the oldest, best known and loved flashlight 游戏s. Think tag and hide-and-seek in the dark. 手电筒标签的规则不同, but the basic premise is one person is "it" and tries to spot his or her friends hiding in the dark by using the flashlight.


What pictures will your kids create when they draw pictures with their flashlights? 这 fun flashlight 游戏 requires a camera capable that has a long shutter speed and flashlights for the light source.

Pictures can be simple, such as a smiley face. For more advanced flashlight 游戏rs, get creative with flashlight drawings over objects such as a couch, 其他的人, 或者家庭宠物.


If your kids know how to play charades, then they're just about ready to play a 游戏 of shadow charades. It's the concept of shadow charades meets shadow puppets. A parent can tell each child which shadow charade to act out. When the child's turn, he or she stands at a wall in the dark with a flashlight. The child tries to make shadow puppets on the wall that reflect the word he or she has been given. 玩家进行猜测.


Kids love to watch the flashlight dart around the room. In this 游戏, their goal is to catch the light. Move the light all around the room, including on the ceiling, the walls, and on the floor. 在任意的时间,停止灯. The kids are trying to catch the light so when you stop, they'll all run to the light to try and stomp on it if it's on the floor or jump for it if it's on the wall.


这 is a fun one for kids just learning their letters. Buy small foam letters and put them in the spotlight during your flashlight fun. Have the kids look at the wall as you hold up a foam letter in front of the flashlight. The foam letter's shadow will magically appear on the wall. The first one to name the letter wins the point.


How low can you go with this flashlight 游戏? Instead of limbo with a pole, play limbo with a flashlight. Lower the flashlight after each round, just like a limbo pole. If your body breaks the beam of the flashlight as you pass underneath, you're out.


这 is a fun flashlight 游戏 for older children or you can adapt the rules for younger children by making 游戏play easier. Everyone needs a flashlight to play or players can be split into teams with each team leader given a flashlight. Hide items around the house or outdoors like a typical 寻宝游戏 并提供沿途的线索. When it's dark, let the kids use their flashlights to find their treasures.


For even more flashlight fun after dark, throw a 舞会. Parents know that sometimes the best kid-energy burner is to simply dance it off. Grab the flashlights and let the kids make their disco ball as they have their 舞会. Crank up the tunes and watch the lights shine all around the room. 这 游戏 is guaranteed to bring lots of giggles and exhaustion to your evening.

If you're not up to playing any flashlight 游戏s, there are many other 白天的活动 可用.