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Whether you don’t have the budget to hire an interior designer or simply enjoy the idea of doing it yourself, designing a room from scratch can be intimidating for the uninitiated. Keep in mind that interior design is more art than science, 和 there are no hard 和 fast rules about how to decorate a room. 但如果你在寻找路线图, this start-to-finish guide will help you visualize all the steps required to design your space 像专业人士那样.

1. 营造这种气氛的绝佳选择

Instead of asking yourself what you want your space to look like, 问问你自己你想要什么感觉, 让它指引你选择颜色, 纹理, 家具的选择, 和 全球十大网赌正规. A light 和 airy zen oasis might suggest minimal furniture 和 natural materials. An energizing, casual family space may include bold colors 和 模式s. Focusing on mood rather than a particular style or trend will help you to create an eclectic space that works for you.


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2. 得到的启发

看看你最喜欢的社交媒体频道, 室内设计杂志, 书, 和寻找灵感的网站. Think about the places you like to escape to, 和 analyze why. 如果你对 情绪板,去做一个. If you live alone, this is a chance to get to know yourself a little better. 如果你和别人住在一起, it's an opportunity to collaborate on a shared space that honors everyone in the home.

3. 获得真正的 

Rather than striving for some aspirational vision of how you think your life should look, 按照你现在的生活方式来设计你的空间. 如果你有不听话的孩子或宠物, choose upholstery fabrics 和 surfaces that can take a beating 和 still look great. 如果你一个人住,很少娱乐, there is no need to hog floor space with a dining table for six. 如果你在家工作, move that makeshift office in the corner of the living room into the spare room that only gets used during the holidays. 在你买任何东西之前,想出 一个现实的预算 这将帮助你在这个过程中优先安排支出.


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4. 整理

如果你要重新装修,就从 去掉你不用、不需要或不喜欢的东西. If you’re designing an empty room from scratch, think before you bring anything in. There is room in any space for personal items 和 the things that matter, but successful interior design starts by embracing the essential 和 building from there.

5. 映射出来

有很多 免费在线客房设计 工具和 家居设计软件 options if you want to create a floorplan, but space planning doesn’t have to be overly technical. 在纸上勾勒出布局思路, or mark out furniture placement with painter's tape to get a sense of scale 和 flow. Before you buy a single piece of furniture, measure your space. 测量两次. Otherwise you might find that the sofa you ordered is too large to make it through your front door, 或者对你的客厅来说太小了. 

6. 选择一个调色板

Whether you want to keep it neutral or have your mind set on an eye-catching 调色板, deciding early on will help you create a cohesive look. Neutral rooms can be brightened with accessories that can be changed out easily. If you’ve decided you want your room to be an ode to green or pink or blue, 选择三种互补色来保持它的趣味性. 如果你喜欢一个 全白的房间, sticking to shades of white allows you to mix 和 match furniture styles 和 periods with ease.


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7. 从终点开始

如果你的目标是改头换面而不是改头换面, think about how you can build on the room's existing flooring, 墙的颜色, 和 fixtures to beautify 和 personalize the space without renovating. 如果你从一间空房间开始, 整修表面地板, 油漆墙壁, 添加瓷砖或壁纸, or install cabinetry before you bring in furniture 和 accessories.

8. 选择锚块

设计客厅的时候, 专注于你的核心部分, 哪个通常是沙发, 在对抱枕大惊小怪之前. 让你的最大, most expensive purchases first will help ensure that you don’t skimp on quality for high-use items, 帮助你保持预算的现实性, as well as visualize how much room you have for additional furniture once the core pieces are installed.

9. 选择二手家具

一旦你选好了完美的沙发, start looking at coffee tables to determine what sizes 和 styles are a good fit, 或者是否大号的蓬松发型效果更好. If you chose a rustic wooden farm table in the dining room, 与现代金属椅子形成对比. Complement a modern upholstered headboard with vintage 照明 or bedside tables.


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10. 选择地毯,窗帘和纺织品

Now that you have a sense of how the room flows, you can choose 地毯, 窗帘, 以及床上用品等纺织品, throws 和 decorative pillows that will complement your anchor pieces 和 add color, 模式, 纹理, 和兴趣. 

11. 光了

One of the keys to a successful room design is paying attention to 照明. 最大化白天的自然光, 此外,你还可以为你的夜晚增添许多层次感, from functional task 照明 to warm ambient table lamps or sconces, 到功能为全球十大网赌正规的雕塑吊灯. Be sure to light all four corners of the room to avoid creating shadows 和 promote a sense of well being after dark. 

12. 全球十大网赌正规

Now that you have all the essentials in place, take a step back, 和 ask yourself what’s missing. Select 和 hang art, photographs, or decorative mirrors. 在额外的全球十大网赌正规枕头和投掷层. Style shelves 和 tables with design 书, c和les, decorative objects, 植物或珍贵的纪念品. This is your chance to add 纹理 through personal touches that will bring the room to life 和 make it feel like home.