Meet the Popular Ceramicist Who Makes Planters for Her 100 Plants

Lalese邮票, ceramics creator, for 杂草与植物人


在杂草与植物人 is a fast-paced interview style series in which plant parents welcome us into their homes and give us a firsthand look at how they live with and care for their many many houseplants.


进入 Lalese邮票哥伦布的陶瓷工作室, 俄亥俄州, and prepare to be blown away by her 巨大的 plant collection of nearly 100 plants. Most of her plants are huge and take up a ton of space. Lalese quips that she has “just as many plants as there are ceramics equipment.” And ceramics are a huge inspiration for some of those plants. “既然 我做陶瓷 that have really interesting shapes and feel really funky, I think I tend to go for plants that also have really interesting shapes and are really strong. I honestly can’t stand a weak and delicate plant.” 


Inside This Ceramicist's 100+ Plant Collection


她的最爱之一是杂色的 丘比特豆瓣绿属, which is also in one of her favorite planters by 海伦征税. The green pops against the gorgeous blue of the planter. Her most unique plant is the Epiphyllum because of the way it grows really long and skinny.

Moving along through her studio we come to Lalese’s most treasured plant, a variegated 橡皮树 that grows beautiful leaves with hints of pink. She’s brought this plant with her from space to space over the years, and it’s still thriving and looks big and strong. And big and strong plants are Lalese’s preference. She likes when they take up lots of space with their leaves. 


Lalese’s favorite part about owning plants is caring for them. “I think seeing them grow and knowing that you gave them the things they need to grow feels really satisfying.” 


Lalese mentions something that a lot of plant people struggle with—putting their plants in planters. Luckily, she’s a ceramicist and can make her own planters. But she says she has so many plants in the space that she hasn’t been able to keep up with making them for her growing collection.

Like many collectors, Lalese has her a struggle plant; her 中国粉丝棕榈 不幸的是做得不好吗. Hers has a fungus, but she thinks if she keeps treating it she may be able to save it.


Ask any plant owner who has a ton of plants which one they can relate to and they’ll be able to pick instantly, 拉莉斯说她和她有关系 龙血树属植物的手掌. “This palm has so many leaves coming out from all of these different directions and I think that just really reminds me of myself as a small business owner. I’m always having my hands in all of these different parts of the business.”

The Absolute Craziest Thing She's Done for a Plant

And as the tour continues we get to the good stuff. The craziest thing that Lalese has ever done for a plant was drive four hours round trip (in a two-door car) for a 巨大的 天堂鸟. “I went to go pick it up from this older gentleman and it was only about $50 and he was just ready to move on from it.” Go on and watch for even more great stories and to see Lalese’s impressive jungle studio for yourself.