Look Inside a Brooklyn Loft That Has Vining Plants Growing on the Exposed Pipes

Jess Tran poses with some of her plants for 杂草与植物人

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You’re about to tour one of the coolest spaces we’ve seen yet here on 杂草与植物人. Jessica Tran’s Greenpoint loft in Brooklyn is incredible. 事实上, it has been completely transformed into an indoor jungle oasis. She lives there with her partner, her dog, and over 40 plants. When you hear the number 40 you may think that’s not so many, 但是相信推荐全球十大网赌正规平台, 这里简直是一片丛林.



Inside This 40+ Brooklyn Loft Plant Collection


Jessica kicks off the tour by sharing the plant she admires most, the pothos 家庭. It may seem simple but Jessica says, “There’s so many of them in this house because they just adapt and survive and thrive in any condition.”

Her Favorite Way to Display Plants

She lives in an old converted factory which means that she has plenty of space to hang plants from the ceiling. 事实上, it looks as if most of her collection is filled with gorgeous trailing plants, “the plants have now started to grow into the apartment. They’re growing along the poles on the roof, which I’m pretty sure are plumbing poles.”

The Unusual Way She Adds to Her Collection

A lot of these plants are rescues, “My partner and I just seem to find a lot of plants on the street that are abandoned. Once I was walking past a man as he came out the door he plopped a plant right in front of my feet.” They nurture these plants back to health together and they look amazing. It’s really nice they do this together since the reason Jessica got into plants was because of her partner’s love for them.


就像大多数植物人一样, having a strong collection can be pricey and Jessica says she spends the most during repotting season. While she has some really unique pots, not all of her plant babies call them home.


她的棘手的植物, the Aeschynanthus Radicans (which she has had for four years) is in a simple pot, but that’s alright because she has to move it around quite a bit. “She’ll like a location and then decide, ‘not a great location,’ a month later. Sprouts beautiful flowers but is also yellowing at the leaves. So just an all around kind of confusing plant.” Her most treasured plant is a Calathea Musaica which she got as a cutting off Etsy and her most unique plant is her 销k Aglaonema, a purchase from 脸谱网 Marketplace (proving that you really can expand your plant collection from so many avenues). Head to the video to see even more of this amazing space.