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Ahoy! A pirate ship is about to unload a band of rowdy scallywags right into your backyard. Sure, you invited them, but that doesn’t mean they’re going to sit patiently and wait for a piece of cake. Perhaps some 盗版党游戏 are just what you need to keep them from pillaging the dessert table before you’re ready.

Walk the Plank

The first thing you will need to play walk the plank is, of course, a plank. You can build your own by nailing a long plank of wood to smaller blocks of wood and standing it on the ground like a table (you only want the plank to be a few inches off of the ground, so use sturdy, 但短木块). Once you have a plank, position it over a blue tarp or blanket to represent the ocean. 另一个有趣的主意是把它放在婴儿泳池上.

要玩这个游戏,把你的 party guests 让他们走过木板. 推荐全球十大网赌正规平台的想法是在不掉进水里的情况下过河. 任何球员从木板上掉下来就出局. Players who cross the plank successfully must do it again—this time backward. Increase the difficulty each time, such as crossing sideways, on one foot, and while blindfolded.

Cannon Ball Pop

玩这个游戏你需要几个黑色的气球. 为每个气球写一张纸条. On half of the papers write something indicating a winner, such as, “Collect Ye Treasure.” On the other half, write something referring to a loser, like, “Walk the Plank!” Fold the papers and insert them into the balloons before inflating. 在游戏区域内分散所有的气球.

Gather the pirates and tell them that they are under attack and must detonate the cannonballs before they reach their ship. 然后玩家将跺脚或坐在气球上敲破气球. A player who gets a winning message collects his prize 而且已经出局了. 收到失败信息的玩家会继续尝试. 游戏继续,直到每个海盗都赢得一份宝藏.


At the start of the party,给每位客人10枚金币. 选择一个海盗词作为今天的禁语. 因为孩子们会像海盗一样说话, 一些关于禁语的想法包括pirate, ship, matey, and arrrrrrrr. 前30分钟, 孩子们只是按照计划继续进行派对活动, 但是当一个孩子听到另一个孩子说禁语的时候, the offending player must surrender one of his coins to his captor. 当时间到了,拥有最多金币的海盗获胜.


This game is especially fun for fans of "Peter Pan" who will recall that Tick-Tock the crocodile swallowed Captain's Hook's hand, 从那以后就一直在追捕他. Luckily for Hook, the croc also swallowed a ticking clock, so the Captain always hears him coming.

把一个玩家送出房间. 这个玩家是虎克船长. Set a ticking kitchen timer for two minutes and tie it to a stuffed crocodile. 剩下的玩家把鳄鱼藏起来了吗. 把虎克船长带回来. If he can find the crocodile before the timer goes off, he wins a prize. If the timer goes off first, however, he is "eaten by the croc" and out of the game. Play enough rounds so that everyone has a turn to be Captain Hook.

Cannon Ball Toss

在后院集合你的海盗. Pair them up and have them stand face-to-face with their partners. 给每组海盗一个黑色的水气球. Players that stand across from each other must toss the balloon back and forth until one of them drops it or breaks it, 而且已经出局了. The winning players from each pair then challenge each other, until only one player remains.

随着游戏的进展增加难度, 你可以让玩家在每次投掷后退后一步, 玩游戏时单脚站立, 或者试着蒙住眼睛玩.


With a large box, some craft paint, 做国旗的布料和一些全球十大网赌正规品, 孩子们可以创造和全球十大网赌正规他们自己的海盗船. Once complete, this makes a great prop for not only pirate playtime but a pirate photo booth as well.

Buried Treasure

Fill two sandboxes with sand and then bury plenty of trinkets like fake jewels, gold coins, and stickers. 把你的海盗分成两队. Give each team a treasure chest (or bucket) and have them dig for the buried treasures. 时间一到,就把财宝倒空,清点战利品. 拥有最多财宝的队伍获胜.


对于这个游戏,你需要两个大纸箱. 如果孩子们愿意,他们可以把它们全球十大网赌正规成海盗船的样子. 把两艘船分开几英尺. 把客人分成两组 and have each one gather at a pirate ship. When you signal the start of the game, each pirate crew will bomb the other ship with cannonballs. 你可以买很多软球, 就像球坑里用的那种, or you can make your own cannonballs out of things like crumpled up newspaper or aluminum foil.

当时间到了,数数每个盒子里有多少炮弹. 在对方船上登陆次数最多的一方获胜.


这项比赛就像三条腿的比赛. 添加盗版配件,使它更令人兴奋. 每队有两名队员戴上海盗帽吗, vest, 戴上眼罩,然后比赛, 两条腿绑在一起, 一堆财宝. They must put as much treasure as they can into their hats and race back. When they return, they empty their hats into a large treasure chest and hand off the accessories to next set of players. 第一支填满宝箱的队伍获胜.

Pirate Ship Race

要玩这个游戏,你需要两个玩具海盗船和一个 baby pool. Fill the pool with water and place the ships on one side of the ship. 玩家必须把他们的船吹过泳池. 最先到达对岸的船获胜. If the ships don’t float well, you can place them on small rafts.

Another idea for pirate ship racing is to build two pirate ships out of cardboard boxes. 把客人分成两组. 是否每队有一名玩家坐在海盗船内. 每个队的另一名队员必须推他们的队友, in the ship, 绕着障碍物跑,然后回来. The players then switch off to the next set of pirates from their team. The race continues in this relay-style until one team has had all of their players complete the course.


在这个游戏中,每个团队都需要一个海盗钩. The first player for each team wears the hook and runs to a pile of chocolate-coin-filled mesh bags. Players must hook the bags and bring them back to their teams. The remaining players in line must also put on the hook and do the same. 第一个拿到所有硬币的队伍获胜.

Cannonball Volley

Divide players into two teams and have them stand on either side of a volleyball net (or imaginary line). Give each team a bucket of black water balloons and a large sheet or beach towel (you can even paint pirate flags on them). The serving team places their balloons in their flag and launches them over the net. 对方队试图接住他们并截击他们. Play continues, switching serving sides until everyone is wet and laughing.