How to Care for 室内植物 in the Winter

5 Adjustments to Make for Winter

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你的室内植物在冬天也不能幸免于威胁生命的挑战, even though they live in a temperature-controlled climate. Indoor plants, whether they are year-round houseplants or plants you brought indoors to over-winter, can be affected by several winter stress factors, 包括从白天热到晚上冷的温度波动, 干燥的空气, and short day that reduce the amount of light they receive. 让你的室内植物在一年中较冷的月份里保持旺盛的生长.

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Tools and Supplies You May Need

你需要的冬季室内植物护理用品会根据你的环境而有所不同, but may include any or all of these:

  • 植物先生
  • 房间加湿器
  • 喷壶
  • Supplemental grow lights (if needed)


不同种类的植物在冬季的养护需求可能有很大的不同, 所以,一定要做一些调查,了解你的植物的特殊需求. 的 following tips offer a good general guideline, but the precise needs of an amaryllis or poinsettia, 例如, 和一株快速攀爬的盆栽天竺葵会有什么不同呢.

一般来说,要尽量模仿这些物种生长地区的冬季环境. 例如, plants originating in the jungle tropics, 冬天和夏天的条件没有什么不同, 通常没有相同的休眠期,植物起源在更多的温带. While there are some general guidelines, 记住,推荐全球十大网赌正规平台的目标是尽可能地模仿植物的自然户外冬季栖息地.

  1. Adjust Your Watering Routine

    It might sound counterintuitive, but most indoor plants need less water during the winter. While it's true that winter air is drier, plants experience a slower rate of growth during colder months; some even go completely 休眠. 因此,植物需要更少的水来保持水分,过度浇水会导致根部腐烂. 记住,不同的植物有不同的水分需求——耐旱的仙人掌和其他多肉植物可能根本不需要浇水, while some tropicals might still require more regular watering.

    Surface soil can dry out more quickly during winter months, but that's not a good indicator that the plant needs water. 把你的手指插入土壤中,看看在土壤表面以下一两英寸处是否干燥——这时就该拿出浇水罐了.


    Do not use cold water to water your houseplants. 使用接近室温的水,以避免冲击植物的根. Tap water can get very cold in some winter climates, so let the water sit for several hours before watering your plants.


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  2. 改变湿度

    低湿度可能是室内植物在冬季必须克服的最大障碍. 的 湿度水平 in heated homes can drop to 10 to 20 percent in winter, and plants prefer a level closer to 50 percent. 如果你家里有加湿器,把植物移到它们能享受加湿器好处的地方. 如果没有加湿器,请通过其他方式提高湿度.

    Start by clustering your plants in groups. Plants naturally release water through their leaves by transpiring, so grouping them together will put that moisture to good use. 浴室和厨房是种植植物的最佳场所,因为它们能从淋浴和烹饪活动中吸收水分.

    另一个不错的选择是把你的植物放在一盘水上或附近. But, don't let the plants sit directly in the water. 在托盘中放置鹅卵石或石头,使锅的底部高于托盘中的水位,并将锅放在石头的顶部. This will increase 湿度水平s without inviting root rot.

    喷雾往往更能让园丁自我感觉良好,而不是让植物受益. You might think you are giving your plants some relief, but misting is only a temporary blast of moisture. 为了有效,你需要每天喷几次雾才能看到效果,因为室内温度会迅速蒸发水分. 如果你只有一些植物,你认为你会非常认真地喷洒, 试一试. It's hard to over-mist an indoor plant. 在潮湿的夏天, misting plants can lead to fungal problems, but that should not be a problem during winter.

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  3. Pay Attention to Temperature

    大多数植物, 就像人一样, 白天65 - 75华氏度和夜间50华氏度以上的温度是否舒适. To provide that for your plants, 让他们远离寒冷的气流和热源,如散热器, 烤箱, 壁炉, 和电子设备. Fluctuations in temperature can 杀死植物 just as easily as prolonged periods of heat or cold. 

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  4. 跟随太阳

    冬天不仅日照时间少,而且光线进入的角度也更低. You might need to relocate your houseplants to a 光明的地方 or even add supplemental light. 最好的选择是朝南或朝西的窗户,这样一整天都能看到阳光. 但是,不要把植物移得离结霜的窗户太近,因为它们可能会受到气流的影响.

    Rotate the pots about a 1/4 turn whenever you water your plants. 这确保了植物的所有方面都能得到一些阳光,并均匀地生长, rather than some branches stretching to reach the light.

    植物叶片上的层层灰尘也会减少它们接收到的光照量. 用湿布擦拭叶子可以去除这些灰尘,让植物在冬天更好地获得光照.

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    在冬季几乎没有阳光的地方,植物必须从补充照明中获得大部分的光, they will need to be exposed to the grow lights for longer periods. If a plant requires six hours of direct sunlight, 它可能需要12或14个小时的补充光照才能提供等量的能量. Grow lights are considerably less intense than direct sunlight, so plants need longer exposure to receive adequate energy.

  5. Put Your 室内植物 on a Diet

    大多数室内植物在冬天不需要任何肥料,因为它们生长不活跃. 喂养 它们现在只会打乱它们的自然周期,所以在早春之前停止进食. 当你开始看到新生长的迹象或现有的叶子看起来变绿了, resume fertilizing to give them a boost for the growing season.

    一些热带植物, especially vining climbers or trailers, grow quite actively all winter long, and these may still require some feeding, though usually at reduced rates.

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